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A website is the first step in online marketing. Once you have your website you will want to tell people about it.

All of our websites are designed to be search engine friendly with search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique to increase and improve the quality of traffic visiting a website via a search engine. Usually the earlier or higher a site appears the higher the number of visitors. This is achieved by ensuring relevant words (keywords) for your website are contained within the content and also that the site remains easliy accessible to the search engines.

I paid a fortune for my fancy website so why doesn't anybody visit it?

New Edinburgh SEO Client

When we design and develop a website we do so with SEO firmly in our minds. If you have a website but worry that it isn't 'SEO friendly' then why not try our Free SEO Edinburgh Checkup. We will run a full audit on your website and generate a report for you. Any recommendations we suggest can be carried out either by us as a fixed priced project or by your own designer.

SEO Check Up Free!


  • Naming Protocol

  • Firstly we will check the protocols used for directory and filenames. An SEO friendly (i.e. good for you) filename should be short, descriptive and contain relevant keywords.

  • Title Tags

  • This is what is displayed in the title bar of your browser window. This is extremely important and should be different, yet relevant, for every page on your website.

  • Meta Tags

  • Although having little relevance with the main Search Engines we are looking for a list of around 30-40 unique keywords for Meta Tags. This ensures smaller search engines are included and also prepares for any future change. Of more importance is the Meta Description Tag which should be around 150 characters. This tag is shown in the search results.

  • Keywords

  • Here we look at keyword prominence, frequency, weight, placement etc. Balance is important in both maximizing exposure but also ensuring the Search Engines do not penalize you for keyword 'stuffing' or 'spamming'.

  • Content

  • Content is King, well actually content that is new, high quality and unduplicated will be King! Search engines are very clever and like to see content that is relevant and fresh.

  • Body Layout

  • Along with the 'Content is King' thinking we look at how your content is displayed and how easy a search engine can read it. This includes, headings, anchor text, alternative text, internal links etc.

To get people to view a website, especially a new one, takes time and planning. We work with clients to determine the best SEO strategy and, once started, monitor the process to report results and progress back to the client. SEO is a complex area of marketing and one which must prove a return on investment for the client.

SEO Edinburgh - can you afford to ignore it?

Website optimisation takes time. Why not let us take care of your website and leave you to take care of your business. For a chat about how we can help you with your website or for more information on our SEO Essex services, please Contact Us.

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